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Split PDF quickly use SnapPDF and Get it Done in a Snap.

How to use Split PDF quickly

Drag and drop your PDF into SnapPDF - PDF Split tool
Select Select Split every PDF page or Select each page to split.
Click 'Split PDF', wait for SnapPDF to process for a few seconds to finish and download.

Why choose SnapPDF to Split PDF?

High speed

SnapPDF is the world's fastest Split PDF processing tool. Split PDFs in seconds. Try it for free.

Easy to use

Split PDF files into multiple pages with SnapPDF. Our easy to use PDF Splitter is trusted and appreciated by many users. Easy to use from the first visit.

Use everywhere

Split and extract PDF files from your Android IOS smartphone, or tablet, using Linux or MacOS, and from any browser.

Free PDF Archive

SnapPDF helps you to store and share files after splitting your PDF for free. You can split it into parts and send it to your friends.

User Interface Friendly

The SnapPDF Split PDF user interface is very user-friendly, beautiful, making it easy for anyone to use on SnapPDF!


This tool is free, but you can also extend the premium plan to not limit the features, as well as the number of times to do the job.

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