Password Protect PDF

Encrypt your PDF with a secure password instantly

How to use the Add Password Protect PDF Feature at SnapPDF

Drag or select the PDF file you want to add security password to and press the Upload button.
Enter your password only you know. Then click the SET PASSWORD NOW button to start securing your PDF
We'll process it in a moment and lock the password to keep your PDF safe. Download the password-locked PDF

Quick and easy

No registration required to use our password-protected PDF. Lock password-protected PDF without registration. Download your file in this format. PDF within seconds.

Platform Friendly

Use SnapPDF to convert Password Protected PDF anywhere and on any device, computer and phone quickly, never Set Password for PDF File so easy.

Safe and secure

SnapPDF is a Safe and Secure tool, We use Premium SSL Encryption. Your file upload is also deleted once you complete the task

No need to download software

Password Protected PDF Converter helps you to add password to PDF files online without downloading any additional software. You can use it on any device such as a computer or a phone

SnapPDF Fast processing speed

SnapPDF - Password Protect PDF has Fast processing, Speed ​​is our top priority. Saves you time and gets the job done in just a few seconds. second.

Free SnapPDF

Password protect PDF is free, You don't need to upgrade plan, nor pay for this feature. Just always remember and use SnapPDF often.

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