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Encrypt your PDF with a secure password instantly

How to use the Add Password Protect PDF Feature at SnapPDF

Drag or select the PDF file you want to add security password to and press the Upload button.
Enter your password only you know. Then click the SET PASSWORD NOW button to start securing your PDF
We'll process it in a moment and lock the password to keep your PDF safe. Download the password-locked PDF

SnapPDF - The best protect pdf converter online free

Protecting PDF documents from unauthorized access is essential. SnapPDF brings the best password protect pdf solution for you.

Encrypt PDF for safety

SnapPDF uses premium SSL Encryption to ensure optimal security of your documents.

Keep your files private

We are committed to providing a tool to password protect pdf documents, keep your files private, no third parties can access them.

Limit unauthorized access

You'll control file access when you choose our password protect pdf free to ensure your content stays private.

Why choose protect pdf online at SnapPDF?

Protect sensitive content

Adding password protect pdf free will help you ensure that only approved people can access sensitive data.

Protect PDF files with a password

By adding online password protect pdf, only people with the password can view your file content.

Choose password strength

Using password standards, SnapPDF will tell you whether the password you are creating is weak, medium, or strong.

No registration required

We also allow you to use the online password protect pdf tool directly in your browser without registration.

No software download required

Password Protected PDF Converter helps you add password protected pdf files without downloading any additional software.

Quick and easy

SnapPDF provides fast online password protect pdf. Helps you save time and get the job done in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can increase the length of your password, using a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters to choose a strong password.
When protecting a document with a password, you only need to enter it correctly to access that file. Encryption is a better security method.
Yes. You can do the following: Open the PDF file and select Tools > Protection > Encryption > Encrypt with password.
Yes. SnapPDF uses premium SSL Encryption that is committed to protecting your files in the best possible way.
By using SnapPDF's online tool and uploading the file you will get Protect Pdf safely, for free.

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