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How to Convert PDF to Excel at SnapPDF?

Upload your PDF spreadsheets by dropping it or Upload PDF to Excel page UPLOAD.
Click the convert button, We will analyze and split the worksheets accordingly and export to Excel file
Click the 'Download' button to save your converted Xcel file.

Free Switch

This tool is free, but limited. If you want to convert more, please upgrade our PRO version. This is also a donation to help us page. spread the cost, and was the impetus to grow SnapPDF even larger.

Convert to Xcel correctly

SnapPDF uses a variety of AI technologies, which helps to split, analyze and process spreadsheet PDF files to Excel accurately, and without font errors.

No software download required

We don't require any software, You just need a computer or phone with internet connection to convert Xcel files to PDF simply with the tool this, Or whatever feature SnapPDF offers

Secure SnapPDF

We are GDPR compliant, transparent about the storage and collection and processing of personal data, Your documents will be safe with technology encrypted TLS, OCR,... The file you upload will also be deleted from our servers soon.

Use Anytime, Anywhere

You can compress on any device like mobile phone, Tablet or desktop because just Go to SnapPDF and select the Excel to PDF feature to use.

Unlimited upload size

SnapPDF can handle up to 1GB per file. you won't have to worry about your uploads being interrupted with large files.

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