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Use our collection of PDF tools to process digital documents and streamline your workflow quickly.

PDF to Word

Convert your PDF files to Word (.Doc or .Docx) documents for editing. 100% no font error.

Word to PDF

Convert Word (.Doc or .Docx) documents to PDF easily with SnapPDF tool.

Split PDF

Split PDF pages from 1 large file. With just a few taps on SnapPDF.

Merge PDF

Helps you combine multiple PDF files into one complete file in just a few clicks.


PDF to JPG - Turn any PDF file content into an image (.Jpg) instantly.


Convert JPG, PNG to PDF images efficiently, Zoom in and out properly.

Add Page Number

Add page numbers to PDF files quickly without any other software.

Rotate PDF

Using SnapPDF makes it simple to rotate PDF files. Rotate multiple PDF files at once.

Compress PDF

Compress PDF file size without losing quality, You will significantly reduce storage resources. Share faster!

Add Page Number

Add page numbers to PDF files quickly without any other software.

Delete PDF Pages

Delete page numbers from PDF files using SnapPDF. It's simple and easy to use.

Protect PDF

Keep your PDFs safe and secure with SnapPDF. Add a password to your most important documents.

Unlock PDF

Remove security with PDF password, Quickly read password locked PDF documents.

Add Watermark

Add watermark or copyright text to your PDF to avoid Document being copied.

PDF to Excel

Excel spreadsheet to PDF conversion is 100% complete. Makes editing Excel files easy.

Excel to PDF

Convert Excel files, Excel spreadsheets to PDF Quickly.

PDF to Powerpoint

Convert your PDF to Powerpoint. Create a Powerpoint (.PPT, .PPTX) presentation from a PDF file.

Powerpoint to PDF

Convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF documents. Upload your PowerPoint, we will handle it.

How to Convert Files to and from PDF Free

Select files
Select the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or other file you wish to convert.
Select tools and setting
Our free PDF creator will convert your document to PDF or from PDF in seconds.
Download your document
Your new document will be ready to download immediately.

PDF Converter Works Everywhere

SnapPDF is an effective method for pdf editing and pdf converter. More than 20 easy-to-use pdf conversion tools available at SnapPDF help you complete any task in seconds.

All in One PDF Converter Tool

With SnapPDF Converter, users can perform many operations with just one mouse input such as: merge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock and watermark PDF.

Save Time For You

One of the advantages when you work with SnapPDF is saving time. Here you will not have to manually convert, Copy documents manually, Type each document to Copy, all with SnapPDF.

Free PDF Converter

SnapPDF offers a free online pdf changer to export Word, PPT, Excel or any of your images to PDF format. You will not need to spend money to use these operations, they are all free.

Why choose SnapPDF Converter?

The Best Free PDF Converter

SnapPDF is a free online pdf to pdf converter solution ready to help you convert all types of files in the best way.

Easy to use

In just a snap, all your pdf converter problems are easily solved. SnapPDF supports editing PDF files on demand with simple operations.

Information Security Automation

Your files will be encrypted after use. If you forget to delete files, they will be automatically deleted from your device after 3 hours to ensure the safety of your files.

Compatible with All Devices

With SnapPDF online, users can use it on any device such as Android phone, iOS, or Windows PC, Macbook...

Fast PDF Converter

Helping you process any pdf converter quickly is our top priority. Online pdf change tools at SnapPDF will help you complete your work sooner than planned.

Unlimited PDF Converter Size

With our online tool you can easily compress your PDF file and make it smaller. No matter what files you need to convert, we offer unlimited PDF sizes.


With SnapPDF, when using a tool to pdf converter, you don't need any other software.
SnapPDF is committed to not affecting your file format so you can rest assured in all online pdf to pdf converter operations.
With any device such as a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, you can use it to convert a file to PDF or vice versa using SnapPDF's tool.
With a top-notch security system, SnapPDF allows you to convert PDF files safely.
Pdf Converter failure may be because the original file is too large. Then you need to reduce the original file size.