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Insert page numbers into PDF quickly with SnapPDF

Instructions to add page numbers to PDF in just 3 steps

Step 1: Select the PDF file you want to add page numbers to and click upload, Or you can also drag the PDF file into SnapPDF's tool
Step 2: Select the position you want to number the page, choose the size as well as color, ...
Step 3: Click add page number and download. SnapPDF will process Add Page Numbers to PDF in seconds and let you download in high quality.

Why choose SnapPDF - Add Page Numbers to PDF?

Simple page numbering

SnapPDF page numbering tool is very simple and easy to use for anyone, you just need to download the PDF file and select the page numbering position. The rest SnapPDF will handle them in a moment..

Fast file processing

Fast speed is SnapPDF's top priority, PDF pagination tool is also a fast speed tool, You won't waste time waiting like in other tool.

Confidentiality and safety

SnapPDF uses advanced encryption to protect your documents during all file transfers. We will also delete the files you upload to this 'Add Page Numbers to PDF' after 2 hours, making your documents more secure.

No need to download software

You can use this tool anywhere, because we don't ask you to download any software, You can use it without a hitch, Everything works online.

High Quality

After adding the page number, some tools will reduce the size of the PDF file, but with SnapPDF we do not reduce your size, Help your file keep the best quality.

Free to use

SnapPDF provides Add Page Numbers to PDF for free for you, But you can also check out our paid plan, to see more of our premium features, you will surely be satisfied.

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