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Drag or select the Excel file you want to convert to PDF at the Upload button.
Click the Convert button to start converting Excel to PDF for free in seconds.
Download the converted PDF to your computer or mobile device and share it with friends or switch to SnapPDF's other tools for further editing

SnapPDF - The best Free online excel to pdf converter

SnapPDF brings you the most experienced free online excel to pdf converter solutions today.

Transfer PDF to excel securely everywhere

With SnapPDF, you only need an internet connection, any conversion an excel to pdf job can be safely converted anywhere.

Keep your files private

SnapPDF always puts privacy first. Once you successfully convert excel to pdf, the file will be deleted from our server.

Share on any platform

After pdf convert excel to pdf, you can share documents on many platforms such as: Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox, Google Drive· iCloud Drive, MediaFire, Microsoft OneDrive, OpenText Hightail,...

Why choose Excel to PDF online Converter at SnapPDF?

Convert an excel to pdf for free

SnapPDF's free Excel to PDF converter converts all your files on the fly.

Keep the format intact

With SnapPDF you can confidently excel to pdf free converter while still ensuring the format is maintained.

Quick and easy

Just drag and drop an Excel file, SnapPDF will help you excel to pdf in just a snap with ease.

No registration required

No registration is required to use Excel to PDF, you just need to directly log in to SnapPDF and do the conversion.

No need to download software

SnapPDF provides online excel to pdf tool without downloading any additional software.

Absolutely safe and secure

Files after you convert from excel to pdf will automatically be deleted from our server after one hour to ensure safety from third parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

SnapPDF's conversion engine retains the original formatting of Microsoft Excel content when you save the file as PDF, ensuring no format loss.
Depending on your file to set many options, SnapPDF has a maximum file size of 100 MB.
Yes. For premium versions of the tool you will have to pay.
SnapPDF's conversion tool supports Excel to PDF conversion and does not require any additional software.
With SnapPDF multi-feature tool, you can convert multiple Excel files to PDF at the same time.

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