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How to rotate a PDF file at SnapPDF

Select the PDF with the wrong orientation that you want to rotate according to your wishes.
Here you can select each page to rotate as you like, or choose to rotate each page in the direction you want. Our free PDF rotater will handle it in seconds.
Your new document after Rotate PDF is ready for immediate download.

SnapPDF - The best free online Rotate Pdf tool

With the free and secure online tool SnapPDF, you can rotate pdf documents with unlimited time savings.

Work with PDF anywhere

SnapPDF works on all operating systems and browsers. You only need an internet connection to be able to rotate pdf online anywhere.

Save time and costs

Rotate pdf online without downloading software or registering helps you save time and costs effectively.

Rotate PDF unlimited for free

SnapPDF supports you to rotate pdf online for unlimited free. If you want to use more advanced features, you can upgrade to SnapPDF pro.

Why choose Rotate PDF by SnapPDF?

Different angles

With the ability to rotate a pdf file 90 degrees clockwise, counterclockwise, or flip it 180 degrees... you can orient your PDF file to the most suitable angle.

Split and rotate

With SnapPDF you can split individual PDF files and rotate pdfs to change the orientation of specific pages.

Quickly rotate PDF online

Fast PDF rotation speed, on SnapPDF's PDF rotate tool, you can rotate individual pages or all pages in any direction to save time.

No registration required

SnapPDF does not consume your system resources so it can be used directly without installation.

No software download required

SnapPDF helps you do all your rotate pdf and other tools Online, anywhere without downloading software.

Unlimited page rotation

Just upload your file, SnapPDF will help you rotate pdf pages unlimitedly. With our online PDF rotater, you can orient your PDF to the angle that works best for you. Rotate your PDF 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, or flip it 180 degrees...

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. SnapPDF can help you rotate just one page in a PDF file.
No, SnapPDF offers a free and unlimited service.
You can use any device to rotate PDF pages.
Yes. SnapPDF allows you to customize the rotation angle when rotating pages.
You just need to open the SnapPDF application on your phone, upload the file and select the rotate feature.

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